Scholarship Program


Whether you are looking to attend a two or four year undergraduate college program or to get a professional certification we have something for you! Multiple awards will be made ranging from $1000 to $4000 to eligible applicants who will be attending an accredited 2 or 4 year degree awarding institution of higher education starting in the fall of next year. There is no age limit for these scholarships.

2017 Scholarship Program recipients

2017 Scholarship Program recipients

2016 Scholarship Program recipients

2016 Scholarship Program recipients


How can I apply?

Applications are due the last Friday of May every year.  Applicants interested in obtaining professional certification are encouraged to submit a completed application as soon as they are accepted to their program of interest!

For more information on these scholarships and to find out if you are living in HRI/CNAHS housing, please call Joe Deignan at 617-868-4858 x210 or email at

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Meroune - Cambridge, MA

“Being named a HRI Neighborhood Apartment Housing Services Scholarship recipient three times was one of the main motivating factors which caused me to achieve my academic and professional goals at UMass Lowell, as an Electrical Engineer student. The financial assistance I received from this program allowed me to better manage my monetary situation while in college and allowed me to focus more heavily on school. I look forward to graduation in the Fall of 2017 and the chance to apply the knowledge I have obtained to helping my community.”


Ashia - Cambridge, MA

“The 808/812 Memorial Drive scholarship has served as a huge support for my college career thus far. This scholarship serves as the financial fill-in for the gap that I need to pay for college every year. I support myself through college and every year I apply for various scholarships to help with my college finances. The 808/812 scholarship specifically has helped me in not having to take out any loans throughout my whole college experience so far. My family has gone through some hardships during my time in college, especially when I lost my Dad my freshman year from a car accident. It is a great feeling to have a sense of security from receiving the 808/812 Memorial Drive Scholarship.College has always been a part of my plan, and it helps when there is funding to help support me through it. I will be graduating from Syracuse University in the spring of 2018 with a double major in Food Studies and Policy Studies and if it was not for this scholarship it would be much harder to financially support myself through this college journey. I am very thankful for the scholarship opportunities presented by HRI and CNAHS.”