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CNAHS’s Resident Services Program offers a wide range of programming and assistance to residents living in our housing portfolio. We focus on identifying and addressing residents’ diverse needs and providing appropriate support and information. Resident input plays a large role in determining the scope of our programs.


Financial services


Individual Development Account (IDA) Program

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are specialized savings accounts that match deposits of low- and moderate-income participants. For every dollar saved in an IDA, savers receive a one-for-one dollar match or more, depending on the guidelines of each program. IDA savings may be used for post-secondary education or home-ownership. In addition to earning match dollars, participants learn about budgeting, saving and receive additional training as part of the IDA program and prior to purchasing an asset.


FSS+ Program

CNAHS’s Financial Stability and Savings (FSS+) program is designed to support residents in accomplishing specific financial goals and building a stable financial future. It is run in partnership with the Cambridge Housing Authority. Program participants establish financial goals and meet with a financial coach to achieve them. Some goals include: home ownership, paying down debt, saving for college, retirement and more. FSS participants receive an FSS+ interest-bearing account, which has proven to be an effective way to save for financial goals and achieve more financial stability.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a current CHA, MTW or HCV housing voucher recipient (Compass can help you find out if you qualify)

  • Be a CNAHS tenant in good standing

  • Be willing and able to work (participants do not have to be employed in order to enroll)

Contact Compass or CNAHS to find out if this program is right for you!


Education Services


Scholarship Program

CNAHS has offered scholarship programs to our residents since 2006. In that time we have awarded over $1,000,000 to more than 70 individuals. Whether you are looking to attend a two- or four-year undergraduate college program or to get a professional certification, we have support for you! Awards range from $500 to $4000 for eligible applicants who are enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education. There is no age limit for these scholarships. Residents are encouraged to apply for this scholarship each academic year until they obtain their degree.

Applications are made available each spring and are due by the end of May.

For more information on these scholarships please call Joe Deignan at 617-868-4858 x210 or email at

The program helped me fund my undergraduate expenses, it took a lot of financial stress off of my mother and me in terms of trying to make sure all tuition expenses were paid for.

Social Services


Hoarding intervention

CNAHS partners with Metro Housing Boston to provide one-to-one case management services to individuals living in hoarded or cluttered units. Case managers work closely with residents to gradually de-clutter units so that they remain safe and clean and will pass inspection. This service is offered at no charge to residents.

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Food Insecurity Services


CNAHS implemented new programming focused on combating food insecurity within our portfolio in 2017. Our residents completed surveys reporting that food costs, market accessibility and travel were the three main barriers that they faced when attempting to access healthy, affordable foods. Many of our residents either walk or rely on public transportation for shopping, which makes it difficult for them to transport large quantities of groceries and access fresh, affordable food. CNAHS has developed several programs aimed to address these issues.


Market in the park

CNAHS and our community partners hold a series of no cost farmers markets at four locations from July through October (Trolley Square, Inman Square, Columbia Terrace and Putnam Green). Markets consist of fresh produce and other goods donated by Food for Free & Boston Area Gleaners. All items are made available free of charge. Several markets also include cooking demonstrations, free books, and tabling by representatives from local social service agencies.


On-Site Food Pantries

Monthly food pantry donations and services, provided by Food for Free and supported by resident services staff, are offered at Putnam Square and Inman Square Apartments. The Cornucopia Food Pantry at 808 Memorial Drive also receives food donations and opens to residents 2 to 3 times a month.

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Grocery Shuttle Service

We coordinate a monthly grocery shuttle service to residents of Inman Sq. Apartments, Columbia Terrace, 808/812 Memorial Drive and Putnam Green. The shuttle is provided by Boston Common Coach and is supported by grant funds from the Enterprise Foundation. Grocery shuttles from each site currently take residents to the Market Basket grocery store in Chelsea, MA; destinations and shuttle schedule are determined by resident survey responses.


Books and Breakfast

Resident service staff and volunteers host monthly community breakfasts for youth ages 5 and up at both 808 Memorial Drive and Trolley Square. We provide free books and a hot, nutritious breakfast. Each session features a different activity and a reading or performance by local authors and artists.

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Aging in Place

CNAHS works closely with Somerville Cambridge Elder Services and the Cambridge Council on Aging to provide information and referrals to in-home care and local resources for senior residents. We also provide frequent on-site activities, workshops and events for residents living in our senior properties.

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Please feel free to reach out for more information on current programming and upcoming events:

Joe Deignan
Director of Community Engagement
(617) 868-4858 x. 210